It’s July 2020. WE are struggling with a virus. WE all wish this virus would vanish, but as long as it’s here and a threat, we need to keep ourselves safe and engaged. Luckily, WE Rotary is an e-club; has been since our inception. WE are proud of having members on three continents and even on some little islands in the Pacific. And WE know a thing or two about Zoom.
The great things about an e-club are: WE can go anywhere WE have a friend with wifi; WE can get to know each other across time, space, and culture without going through customs or increasing our carbon footprint; and WE can bring in speakers from anywhere.

This year,WE need to boost our online skills to the next orbit while strengthening our ability to share, work together, and make a difference to each other and our respective communities.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Adversity is the father of creativity. (I made this one up; just trying to be inclusive; please ignore all gender-related thoughts.) This year will be what WE make of it, and WE Rotary is a fine venue for education, entertainment, and service. Let’s make the best of it.

Steve L.

WE Rotary President