1. Invite prospective member to attend one of our online club meetings. Share
    the zoom link with them. Introduce them to the club at the beginning of the
    meeting. (simple introduction, no bio).
  2. If the person shows interest in our club, share with them about our club and
    Rotary. When our website is updated have them go to the website and study
    the area about membership.
  3. Submit their name and contact (email) to our Membership Chair Bill Shaw.

Membership Chair responsibilities:
—Send the proposed member an application via email.
—Receive the application, review it, send copies of application to Board, poll Board
for approval (or not) within 2 weeks.
—Send out the name and bio of a Board approved new member to the membership,
requesting any objection within a week.
—Inform applicant, welcome into the Club. Note condition requiring payment of
dues upon receipt of invoice sent by Treasurer.
—Inform Club Treasurer to send invoice for membership dues
—Send final approval after dues are received to Club President, Secretary and
—Notify website person to include bio and picture on the website.
—Send member certificate and Rotary pin.
—Track the process of providing basic club information to prospective member
through orientation and induction.

Board of Directors responsibilities:
Review application for membership sent from Membership Chair and respond
within 2 weeks.

Treasurer responsibilities:
Send invoice for dues when directed by Membership Chair.
Upon receipt of dues from a new member notify the Club Membership Chair,
President and Secretary.

Secretary responsibilities:
Upon notification from the Treasurer that an accepted member has paid dues, add
that person to the club membership on MyRotary. Watch the District 5000 website
to see it has been added.