Our Mission…

to create a more peaceful world.




Rotarians are thought leaders. Service in Rotary is like the masters course in humanity.

Passing the Baton

WE Rotarians aspire to inspire.  Our members believe in mentoring the next generation, whether on a professional or passion level, we mentor youth interested in areas where we can pass along knowledge.


In an increasingly complex world, WE Rotary is a circle of friends. One of two main reasons that Rotary began in 1905 was fellowship, WE Rotarians are fun. We love a laugh. 

Cultural Diversity

Every one of our meetings is a gathering the beautiful diversity of humanity through our members on many continents, we actively seek out deeper understanding of those from another religion, country, culture, race, creed, political persuasion, language, color, and ethnic group. 

Global Citizens

Rotary members everywhere are welcome and encouraged to attend any of our meetings as our members are welcome to attend any of the 33,000 clubs in nearly 200 nations and geographical regions. WE Rotarians become integral embers of igniting global good.

Worldwide Networks

Members of our Club have personal and professional contacts around the world. In today’s global economy, the benefits are immeasurable.

Since 2014

We have been working together to create a more peacful world.


Rotarians all over the world are like-minded in that they have a heart for service and that they are motivated to help their fellow man. WeRotary.com takes this calling one step further.  Our Club was formed by a group of Rotarians whose vision is to provide opportunities for people of different ages and varied backgrounds, from all over the world to gather to share ideas and develop strategies to progress toward a more peaceful world. 

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To borrow a phrase from Sister Cities International – “Think Globally, Act Locally”

What can you do to promote peace today?

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