Galia Shokry


I am an international scholar and practitioner motivated by the need to create more just,
inclusive and climate resilient cities. My research examines how efforts to protect vulnerable
urban neighborhoods from climate change through environmental improvements (e.g., new
climate resilient parks and waterfronts) may actually lead to the increased insecurity of
historically marginalized groups by catalyzing gentrification
and displacement. I am interested in learning how to build communities’ resilience to
compounding risks while protecting their social and ecological ties to place and generating
more just and peaceful social relations. I have also directed non-profit educational programs in
the Middle East and North Africa focused on fostering inclusive schools and communities
committed to critical thinking, respect for equal human dignity, and civic engagement. I hold a
PhD in Environmental Science and have lived and studied in Spain,
France, the UK and the United States, where I am originally from.