“Imagine Many Paths of Peace” is the theme I have chosen for this year as I serve
as president of our WE Rotary Club of International Peace. Rotary International
President Jennifer Jones’ theme, “Imagine Rotary,” inspired me to think about
our club and how we might imagine us. We are people from different countries
and even different areas within our countries. We are proud to call ourselves an
“international” club brought together by a common word: peace. Peace may
mean different things to each of us, as there are many definitions of peace that
include ideas of personal peace, peace between people, and peace between
countries, an absence of war. Each of us has committed to a path of peace. At
first I thought of paths to peace, but as I know our members better, I see we are
on paths of peace–“of” meaning “belonging to,” “with,” and “concerning.” This
describes our members–moving through lives on paths of peace. Join me this
year in learning more about the paths of peace each of us has chosen. Are there
more paths we have yet to imagine? Let’s imagine many paths of peace!