Six months dues are charged our club by Rotary International and District 5000 for every member on our membership list every year on January 1 and July 1. Our club is required to pay these dues in advance of the 6 months of Rotary membership. Members may pay an entire year’s dues at one time if they wish. Each member’s total dues are $120.00 for 6 mo. ($240.00 per year). Members have all the benefits of Rotary International, district, and club membership for that 6 months.

For each member our club pays Rotary International $47.32 per 6 mo. ($94.64 per year). That includes General Liability Insurance, D&O Insurance, Council of Legislation, and the Rotary Magazine. For each member our club pays District 5000 $30.00 per 6 mo. ($70.00 per year. That leaves our club $42.68 per 6 mo. ($85.36 per year) for each member that is used to cover expenses like costs of using Paypal (3 to 4% of each transaction), Zoom platform costs for meetings, website domain name registration, subsidizing dues for members under 40* each 6 mo., PETS for incoming presidents, and covering dues costs for any members who do not pay.

If a member is under the age of 40 our club pays half of their dues to encourage young people to be members. This was a decision by former Boards and confirmed by the current Board. As we meet online, WE Rotary does not have additional charges for a meeting place, meals, etc., and that makes us one of the least expensive Rotary clubs for members. Project funds do not come out of membership dues. Each project must raise its own funds. While other clubs can have in-person fundraisers, our club must rely on donations from members or members who write grants for qualifying projects.

If a member hasn’t paid dues before January 1 and July 1, the club has to pay for
the member and wait to be reimbursed by the member. The Board has instructed
that members with unpaid dues more than 30 days will be notified and removed
from club membership.