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A Message from our President

We Rotary could create a very colorful curiosity: riveting, captivating, bold. Like a landing on Mars with a thousand things going right before we can deliver on the promise of peace in our time, capture my imagination. We Rotary could make our time together matter. We Rotary could design our gatherings as solution celebrations and scale outs for serious subjects. We Rotary could point to places humanity needs to pay attention and ask is that really where we want to invest our precious life force. We Rotary is positive, grounded, known within and looking out without personal gain in mind. We Rotary is grateful for the possibility of peace in our time, respecting our planet. We Rotary grows our networks as we reach together to scale our our proven local solutions.

Our combined unique genius is looking for an expression. How will we respond? Let’s push past our uncertainty and be all We Rotary suspect we can be. We Rotary knows much from our own life experiences.

What We Rotary knows most is still a story to written, with a beginning, middle, and end. Perhaps our beginning is birthed from another’s end. If this is so, let’s honor our commitment to those rooted ideals and grow deeper with new branches of engagement. We Rotarians can become a tale of broad hope, committed to living peacefully in a more complex world of increasing connected networks of compassion. In our time, in our places We Rotarians recognize the dark and dangerous hopelessness. Unfairness, injustice, inequality runs rampant in places We Rotary has yet to hear the cries of the silenced and powerless. We Rotarians can be brave. We Rotary can be courageous in finding paths forward for those paralized by the worst things they’ve ever done. We Rotary, too, evolves the fireside chats into social media, tweets, posts, hangouts. We Rotary can be trail blazers for a glorious end to our contributionary parable as the next generation steps forward and brings their fresh ideas to bear on humanity.

Join Us!

~Kat Haber