Binalakshmi Nepram


Bina is presently the founder-Director, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, the Control Arms Foundation of India and Convener of Global Alliance of Indigenous Peoples, Gender Justice and Peace. Bina was born in Manipur, a border region that is currently located in India’s Northeast region next to Myanmar, a region that has been under a martial law since 1958 and home to one of the longest conflicts in Asia. She is the author of five books, her most recent being South Asia’s Fractured Frontier (2002). In 2004, Bina co-founded India’s first civil society organization for conventional disarmament issues, Control Arms Foundation of India. In 2007, she launched the Manipur Women Gun Survivor Network. In 2008, Bina received the Dalai Lama Foundation’s WISCOMP Scholar of Peace Fellowship, and in 2010 the Sean MacBride Peace Prize, and CNN IBN Real Heroes Award in 2011. In 2019, Bina co-founded Global Alliance of Indigenous Peoples, Gender Justice and Peace where she works with Indigenous peoples and women from seven socio-cultural zones of the world. Bina was a Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Centre for Human Rights from Sept 2020 to May 2022.