About Our Meetings

Rotarians all over the world are like-minded in that they have a heart for service and that they are motivated to help their fellow man. WE Rotary takes this calling one step further.  Our Club was formed by a group of Rotarians whose vision is to provide opportunities for people of different ages and varied backgrounds, from all over the world to gather to share ideas and develop strategies to progress toward a more peaceful world.

3 Great Reasons to Join WE Rotary

  • Traditional Rotary Clubs have mandatory in-person attendance requirements. – Technology allows members of our Club to connect with fellow members around their own schedule, enabling them to fulfill their passion for service on their own time. 
  • Rotary Clubs have historically offered professional networking. – Members of our Club are developing global networks.
  • Service has been a key component of Rotary since the club first formed in 1905. – WE Rotary offers our members the opportunity to serve both in their local community and abroad, with projects focused on creating a more peaceful future.

Welcome to WeRotary.com.  Be sure to share our Club with others you know with a passion for creating peace where ever they are by encouraging the next generation of leaders to leap into the limelight and share their dreams for next steps in the journey.

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