NPR's The Hidden Brain on Climate Change

NPR’s The Hidden Brain on Climate Change

Dear We Rotarians,

This is a long podcast (23 minutes), but it illustrates the difficulty of moving people on the topic of climate change or no nukes.

NPR’s The Hidden Brain on Climate Change

climate change

The podcast points out the psychological obstacles. The human  mind tends to ignore issues no matter how important that deal with a big problem in the future, that is not absolutely certain to happen, comes at a cost, and does not harm them immediately. It is psychologically more comfortable to ignore or deny the problem.

So the debate about climate change and no nukes is not about science, except perhaps about the science of human psychology.  No amount of scientific proof or logical arguments change people’s attitudes. Something else is going on.  It is perhaps cultural.  People need to feel that they are connected to a universe that is worth saving.

How can We Rotary nurture this culture?


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