Makeup a Meeting

Making Up a Meeting is Easy

We are delighted that you chose WE Rotary to makeup your meeting! If you have been traveling or just too busy to make your regular meeting, our site is a convenient way to get credit for a makeup and find out about the amazing things your fellow Rotarians are involved with.

Steps to Makeup

Explore Our Site

Spend 30 minutes or more watching and reading about our projects listed here on our website.

Check out our programs.

Comment and Share

Our mission is peace, our method is technology, our mindset is sharing. As a part of your makeup, please consider joining the conversation by commenting on a project or sharing them via social media with someone you know who is interested.

Record your Session

Fill out the makeup submission form to receive a confirmation email, which you can then forward to your home club’s secretary for attendance credit.

Consider a Donation

Making-up online is completely free. However, your donations make it possible to support as many projects as we do each year. We ask you to consider a donation, perhaps the cost of lunch normally paid to attend a traditional Rotary club. Your generous donation will support our projects and our ability to provide make up meetings.