We Rotary: Peace Conference

We Rotary: Peace Conference – 11/30/15

We Rotary Meeting Notes

In Attendance: Genesis, Steve, Elsa and Beau

1) Peace Conference Update

Kat and Steve attended an onsite visit of the Peace Conference. Our track have been assigned the largest room of the conference. 25% of the anticipated attendees have registered for the conference. A few challenges and reminders:

Challenge – Track Room Large

CHALLENGE: The room WE Rotary has been assigned might be too large. Challenges in sound, lighting, etc.

  • Solutions – Request for a smaller room – Kat & Steve have requested for a smaller room.
  • Solutions – Banquet Style – Set-up room as large banquet tables rather than theatre style seating. This will help to fill-up the room.
  • Solutions – Sound Quality – Make sure there are ample amount of sound-speaker to be projective clearly throughout the room.
  • Solutions – Visual – Make sure there is enough lighting. Provide alternative copies of the ppt slide ie. slideshare online or printed copies.

Challenge – Technology

CHALLENGE: Compiling and executing ppt presentations. Tin May is unable to attend have submitted a video

  • Solution – Steve and Kat have agreed to divide up the responsibilities and collection presentations.
  • Solution – Steve and Kat have arranged for a rehearsal for the speakers on Thursday, Jan 14th.
  • Solution – Genesis and Kat are willing to help arrange for the technology of the presentations.

 Challenge – Engagement

CHALLENGE: Due to the amount of time and the style of presentations, we need to think of a way to engage in the audience members. The members are made up of both high technology users and low technology users. There is not enough time for Q&A.

  • Solution – Kat has suggested using a low-technology Post Card w/ Speaker on the topic.
  • Solution – Kat has suggested using a mobile up to discuss and connect.
  • Solution – Elsa has suggested using our or a Facebook Page for discussion.
  • Solution – Genesis suggested having a cocktail party as a way to create a fun way to continue the conversation.
  • Solution – Genesis suggested using low technology (post cards/flip charts/note taking) and high technology such as MindSift (http://meetingsift.com)
  • Solution – Genesis suggested recording the presentations
  • Solution – Kat & Steve had requested for a side break-out room. Similar to other tracks. A way to continue the conversations.

Challenge – Members to Sign-up

CHALLENGE: WE Rotary Club Members to Sign-up

2) Membership Committee

  • Beau will follow-up with the recruitment process for Jane, Edwin, and new inquiry Shanghai – CEO literacy (Beau will contact Steve)

3) Social Media Campaign Recruitment @ the Conference

  • Elsa has volunteered to manage a social media campaign aimed to promote more people to attend the conference, encourage more people to join our club.
  • Suggestions – Sharing images of our speakers, share postings from the Peace Conference Facebook Page, share topic in our track (pre-conference), encourage engagement.